noteslbraI don't know where to begin to express my gratitude. I could really write numerous pages about how great it was to work with Lydia. When I first got on ifreelance I accepted a bidder by the name of San of Polestar Solutions(NEVER WORK WITH HIM OR YOU'LL BE SORRY), who was a complete NIGHTMARE to work with. I thought I should've accepted Lydia from the very beginning but I was being a penny pincher so I decided to outsource it to San who was based out in India and was charging $50 less. That was the worst mistake of my life. Not only did he come up with every excuse in the the book involving working on my site, his response time to any of my emails took a week on average when he "claimed" to be available 24/7. He also quoted me 14 days completion time but took a month and a half, missed my deadline, and STILL didn't finish it. So fast forward to Lydia, did I mention how awesome she is :), who was more than happy to meet my needs. I re-posted my unfinished Wordpress site on ifreelance and accepted her bid and she was able to easily do what San was not able to do. She completed my site in 3 days time and would respond to me numerous times throughout the day which was such a breath of fresh air. My old provider San was making excuses on sending the proper information to me I needed so that Lydia could upload the site to my server so she even offered to transfer my site for me for free which she normally would charge customers $50 for. The above and beyond work ethic and friendly vibe she gave off made me trust her and know that she would get things done and she delivered above and beyond my expectations. I need her to update my site monthly so I will be working with her well into the future. If you need anything done you can truly rest assure that Lydia is who you should work with and she'll get it done fast while also wowing you with the results.